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The Art of Communication in Closing

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. Management consultant and educator, Peter Drucker

Good deal makers engage certain skills and techniques that maximize the chances of deal making success. Good deal makers know how to play the “deal game.”

Never underestimate the power of seeing things through the perspective of the other side in a deal in terms of your deal making strength. A good deal maker needs to be fully present and engaged in the communication, with both body and mind actively involved.

The “to and fro” of a successful deal is hinged upon both parties getting what they want from it. Good communication, whether verbal or non-verbal is critical for good deal-closing.

A good deal-closer employs carefully-selected words and uses smart gestures. He or she also actively listen to the words used by the other side, while being very alert to their subtle signs, gestures and other clues. But, be aware that, even with language itself (let alone non-verbal communication), there are vast differences between cultures that give different meanings to certain words.


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