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"Simon has a huge wealth of experience in many areas. His expertise of Business & Leadership skills is powerful, and I urge you to reach out and grab this knowledge to help you in your journey of success."

Dr. Susie Mitchell PHD

"Simon is a man of considerable intellect and influence. The world needs people like Simon at times like these."

Mike Stevenson

"Your seminar today on assertiveness was really amazing, it really hit me."

"Really enjoyed your presentation on assertiveness, such valuable advice." 

Seminar Attendees

"Your training this morning was inspirational."

"Thoroughly enjoying the 7 Steps to Building Successful Growth with TrainedIn. Learning so much from you. Thanks so much."

Skillnet Ireland Attendees

"The students all found it extremely interesting and very informative – as did I"

RCSI Student Leader

"Thank you so much for a really excellent session. Fantastic feedback."

RCSI Senior Executive

"Excellent empowering session. Thank you most sincerely for providing your invaluable expertise and experience which I know was very much appreciated by the students"

RCSI Professor


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Based upon our 7P methodology

Developed upon 25 years of practical experience. Its methodology is structured in an easy-to-follow, interactive way that is appropriate to all levels of expertise and requirements.​​

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In association with

In this uncertain, fast-moving world, it is so important to match your confidence with your capability to give yourself the best chance to reach your deserved potential.

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Navigating relationships and communication protocols to thrive in business and life.

Simon is a fantastic coach and trainer and works very closely with Trainedin

Trainedin CEO

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In association with TrainedIn

In this uncertain, fast-moving world, it is so important to match your confidence with your capability to give yourself the best chance to reach your deserved potential.

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Optimise Your Growth Journey

A powerful new international high impact program with 1:1 coaching or consulting after the program.

Delivered online over 4 x Half Day sessions. February 17th & 24th, March 3rd & 10th 2022 from 2pm to 5pm 

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Online Training Capsules

In association with STEERus

Developing leaders & talent to be more motivated, skilled, productive, effective, and engaged


Business Accelerator Programs

In association with ISME

Created to address the most relevant, and sought after, skills for any aspiring entrepreneur and established SME owner.


Inclusion in Leadership

DEI Programs

Specifically designed to help corporate entities, NGOs and other organisations tackle head-on, the challenge of designing and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives within their workforces.

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HIRING MANUAL for a cohesive and inclusive activity


Simon presented us with a wealth of great information in a very clear, human and professional manner. It’s obvious that he has learned from experience and knows what he is talking about. Very thorough and highly recommended.

I attended the IGNITE session. It was very insightful and relevant. I particularly like the discussion on communication and culture and the importance of innovation.

Your session was inspiring, interesting and a great learning opportunity. You really helped me perhaps turn a corner.  

Thank you all again for this session. Simon - everyone should know about you!

Such a great session Simon – it made me think more deeply about a few things and consider my beliefs.

I've only just got around to listening back to your IGNITE programme on the 7 steps to career growth. I am due to enter the hospitality sector in the coming months in a business development capacity and found your talks very interesting & pragmatic.

Simon, I am excited, to say the least. I really appreciate your guidance. The last 6 sessions have been great for my confidence.

Thank you again for that wonderful seminar, it was the insight I needed into the areas that really need focus.

I learnt a lot about myself - it really is a personal/business growth program - would highly recommend.


I wanted to say thank you for your workshop. It was truly insightful and inspiring.

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"Who do you want to be?"

Online Training & Coaching Program


Webinars (Free & Subscription based)

Coming soon via Streamyard, Crowdcast, other platforms and via third party providers 

Online Events & Masterclasses (Free)

StartUp ScaleUp Summit

Delighted to present at this annual event

Online Events & Masterclasses (Subscription)

Coming soon via Eventbrite & other platforms

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7 Steps to Successful Growth Masterclass

"Helping you become the person you want to be by increasing your self confidence, business and deal-making capabilities, brand and leadership presence."

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