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Ingredients & Offerings

To be a Better Deal-closer, here are our 5 Key ingredients for successful Deal-closing:

  • Really understand and summarise your bargaining power

  • Be specific about your offer and what you want in return and ensure that what you offer you can deliver

  • Be confident enough to re-evaluate – which comes from being confident enough to

understand your wants and needs

  • Be persistent and be prepared to ask questions; No does not mean give up, rather it can be a reason to pivot

  • Always seek ethical- win-win deals

We help Organisations by providing enduring processes to ensure they maximize their deal closing ratios through enhancing the power of their deal teams, and scaling their deal closing processes and systems for national and international success. We can help to ensure this by starting with providing a deal closing capability evaluation and free audit followed by our range of services from coaching, workshops, tailored programs, e-learning and so on.

We help Decision-makers in Organisations by providing the following open or customised programs for them:

  • Cultural Astuteness For Results

  • Leveraging The Feminine For Effective Deal Results

  • Negotiating And Other Closing Skills

  • Building An Effective Deal Team (Internally And Externally)

  • Questioning And Deep Listening To Build Power

  • Developing Business Relationships With Confidence

  • Self And Situational Awareness And The Confidence To Succeed

  • Meaningful Networking And Relationship Building

  • Effective Communication And Trust Building

  • Authentic Persuasion To Build Deal Power


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