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Generation Entrepreni: are Millenials changing the deal-closing landscape?

Executive mentors wanted. Only millennials need apply

Many young professionals have a new mandate: Drag the boss into the 21st-century

Irish Times October 27 2017

There is a lot of discussion about how Millenials – aka Generation Y, are changing the business and deal-closing landscape- or not.

Demographers and researchers usually define Millenials/Gen Ys as being born from the 1980s to mid-1990s or early 2000s. They are sometimes called Echo Boomers due to major surge in birth rates in the 1980s and 1990s.

Media portrayal is not always very kind:

  • “Millennials are killing businesses”;

  • “Millennials are illiterate”;

  • “Millennials are lazy”;

  • “Millennials are entitled”; and

  • “Millennials are the worst”.


  • Millennials are seen to be more nimble than previous generations as they grew up in a continuously changing world, and adapt accordingly;

  • Combined with an independent nature, they have a great need for self-fulfilment and will actively chase it;

  • 66% of millennials seeking a flat work environment;

  • Millennials associate job satisfaction with free flow of information, strong connectivity to supervisors, and immediate feedback;

  • They seek leadership from managers, not commands, believing that productivity is higher when feedback flows freely in both directions;

  • Millennials are predisposed to collaboration. Cutting traditional management positions in function of cooperative teams isn’t easy, but can be highly beneficial

Generation Entrepreni wants just what their name indicates: to be a constructive & contributing part of a company, where their ideas are valued, and where they are given the space to develop themselves flexibly. Businesses that embraces this culture will be the ones moving forward.

For more on this subject, see our upcoming article on Generation Entrepreni from NYC based publisher Business Expert Press.


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