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TCD Speaker Spotlight - Jeff Caselden

The final of our Speaker Spotlights focuses on Jeff Caselden.

Jeff is driven by working on amazing products with amazing people, building outstanding teams, and helping others to realise their full potential. His experience includes over 17 years in one of the world's most-well known and fastest growing companies, Amazon, culminating as the site leader for one of its largest development centres in the world with headcount growing from 300 to 1,200 during his leadership.

Helping operate the world's largest eCommerce search engine for more than 12 years, scaling systems and teams as the business grew from $6B to over $120B in annual revenue.

He now concentrates on bringing that experience and expertise to clients and companies looking to grow, optimise, and scale their own businesses and people through Caselden Consulting and more recently via his new co directed venture Aspeire Consulting.

Working with companies of all sizes on maximising results from their people and businesses, if you need help in developing your managers and leaders, optimising your operations or systems, or scaling both as your business grows, Jeff can help.

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