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New Program | Queens University

Driving Business Growth @ Queens University Belfast

If you need to drive business growth then this new and highly informative program, which is based upon the premise that you need to grow your people to sustainably grow your organization and vice versa, is for you. With role-plays, case studies, group-break outs and videos this program is very interactive and practical.

Also there is the opportunity for participants to avail of ongoing coaching from Simon Haigh.

Do You Want To:
  • Increase revenues through effective deal-closing

  • Improve face to face and online sales results

  • Enhance business development through efficient collaboration and communication

  • Maximise business opportunities through negotiation excellence

  • Optimise business growth through an enhanced culture of deal-making

Organisations will benefit from an examination of the 7Ps of effective deal-making:
  1. Principes - This P covers some of the fundamentals of deal-closing before we turn to the process itself.

  2. Planning - This P demonstrates clearly that, as in all walks of life, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  3. Power - This P demonstrates the critical importance of the power balance in deal-closing.

  4. Players - This P demonstrates how important the players involved in a deal are and how they impact the outcome.

  5. Performance - Now it is time for the deal encounter itself. This P demonstrates the fundamental importance of deal performance.

  6. Putting it all to Bed - This P looks at last-minute checks and other tactics to use when you reach the deal close.

  7. Pay-out or Post-mortem - Every deal – successful or otherwise – contains within it learning for the future.

Individuals will benefit from an examination of the 10 key attributes for driving business growth:
  • Cultural Astuteness For Results

  • Leveraging The Feminine For Effective Deal Results

  • Negotiating And Other Closing Skills

  • Building An Effective Deal Team

  • Questioning And Deep Listening To Build Power

  • Developing Business Relationships With Confidence

  • Self And Situational Awareness And The Confidence To Succeed

  • Meaningful Networking And Relationship Building

  • Effective Communication And Trust Building

  • Authentic Persuasion

Who should do this course:

This programme is aimed at business leaders, including commercial, sales and finance executives, entrepreneurs and business owners.

The structure of the programme and the business relationships that will arise will allow participants to learn from each other as well as the programme itself.


Endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith - The World’s No 1 Executive Coach - "Simon Haigh gives us a rich and thoroughly comprehensible framework for making successful deals in business."

"A great opportunity to learn the ropes from a true expert."
"Well done Simon, great to see this content available for business leaders."
"Highly recommended for anyone looking to bolster their ability to execute deals in a sustainable and ethical manner."
Course Timetable 2019

Tues 28th May 2019 | 9.00am - 5.00pm

Wed 29th May 2019 | 9.00am - 5.00pm

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