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“Inspired By” Chat Series

We all need inspiration. Ask for HELP as I did- vulnerability - & owning it - saves lives!!!!.

I suffered a horrendous personal rock bottom in 2009 and managed to re-frame life through the help of a few people very close to me and some wonderful people since.

Today, I'm, blessed to be able to help my clients avoid roadblocks and achieve personal and professional success with my expertise in negotiation, deal-making, business, leadership, mindset and brand growth. In the past I have worked as a corporate lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a multinational CEO.

I still need the help of good people - as we all do.

Today, I'm honoured to be talking to some amazing global inspirers all of whom want to help others - people like Ted Rubin, Stephen Kelly, Brian Mayne, Justin Caffrey, Marshall Goldsmith and more coming.


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