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New Course | Effective Deal Making for Effective Sales

Effective Deal Making for Effective Sales @ The Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC)

This program will provide participants with a winning structure for sustainable sales through a proven sustainable seven step deal-making process to drive increased sales.

You will learn some proven advance principles to enable you to become a better deal maker in sales and have a winning process to help you increase your conversation ratio.

Principles - understanding the importance of mutual value and the core skills of negotiation and selling

Planning - strategy, location, human dynamics, due diligence and the deal zone

Power - information, communicating with confidence, organizational change and readiness

Players - who you should have on your team and who to watch out for on the other side

Performance - designing the deal itself, be it M&A or another commercial outcome

Putting it all to Bed - memorializing and future proofing the deal

Pay-out or Post-mortem - measurement, reviews and continue improvement

Applicants should be: Consulting firm leaders who want to become better at sustainably closing deals Sales Managers/Directors in large companies who are charged with sealing deals/BD/getting sales wins such as commercial managers, finance, procurement managers, sales managers, L&D professionals SME Managers who want to drive business growth through innovative deal making

Course Timetable 2019

Fri 5th April 2019 | 9.00am - 1.00pm

Apply here


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