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BEP is proud to be working with Simon Haigh, author of an Expert Insights article, as well as a forthcoming book!

Expert Insights

Expert Insights are business articles designed to provide readers with a professional “tune-up” no matter what their job might be. Simon’s article, Generation Entrepreni - the Emergence of New Business and Deal-making Paradigms, is in our Entrepreneurship Article Collection. It is due out in April 2018, and will be found on the BEP website at

Forthcoming Book

Also from BEP is Simon’s book, How To Be A Better Deal-Closer. This book is due out in December 2018 and is in the BEP Selling and Sales Force Management Collection. This book demonstrates that it is not difficult to develop, enhance and expand deal-closing skills – just follow the simple steps detailed with the 7 P’s approach to successful business deal execution.

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