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Happier @ Work

In this episode of Happier@Work with Aoife O'Brien, Simon talks about resilience, our “capacity to cope with life” and how we manage our emotional and behavioural responses. Taking the time to further brake down the subject into self-resilience, societal resilience, and life resilience.

Self-resilience is about accepting yourself as you are, unconditionally. Knowing that we are not limited. Permission to feel our feelings, think, choose how to respond and live in the moment. Life is uncertain, so it’s about learning to live with ambiguity. You choose what you choose, there is not right or wrong answer.

Societal resilience is about building meaningful relationships with clear boundaries. “We become who we tolerate”. Communication is key, and avoid rushing into relationships, ask yourself “do I respect this person?” “Do I trust this person?” “do I like this person?”

Being self-aware is key. As is being willing, open-minded, and honest (including with yourself). Ask yourself “what will benefit me today?”

Strive for progress, not perfection. “Did I try my best?”

Have a listen here, let us know your thoughts and check out the rest of Aoife's podcasts while your at it - she's amazing!

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