Personal Growth

Managing Career Success

We cover:

  • You are a leader at every stage of your career

  • Self & situational awareness

  • Question & listen

  • Develop engaged, inclusive & strong relationships

  • Leverage your power

  • Commit to action

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Learn more about our work across Business, Leadership, Brand and Personal Growth


Brand Growth

Role of Brand Valuation in Driving Strategic Growth

with Brand Finance

We explore:

  • Value based brand management

  • The difference between brand value and brand contribution

  • Brand and stakeholders

  • Driving performance through brand

Leadership Growth

Impact of Technology on Deals and Leadership

We explore some key aspects of technology in relation to deal-making and driving business growth:

  • Deals & technology

  • Technology benefits

  • Technology ISO standard

  • AI

  • Dashboards

  • Collaboration and document management

  • Technology reports




UNLOCK POTENTIAL: We maximise return on investment & lasting value


To ensure you receive maximum return on investment and lasting value from my programs and workshops, contact me and I will explore your needs. I am also happy to discuss licensing my programs and workshops to enable your internal trainers deliver them. I provide ‘blended learning’, combining in-house programs and workshops which are adapted for your particular needs, with online videos          and course components


I am a highly acclaimed trainer, experienced facilitator and lecturer whose extensive programs, workshops and events include:


  • Business schools and higher education (negotiation, deal execution and driving business growth programs)

  • Other business schools such as

  • Providing training programs, workshops and events to corporates, Government and professional membership organisations:


Driving Growth - Business, Leadership, Brand and Personal Growth

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For specific pricing for the programs below: 

The Haigh Institute | Teachable
Trinity College Dublin
The University of Manchester
IES Abroad
The University of Southampton

WJ Clinton Leadership Institute

Queens University Belfast

University of Southampton Business School

The University of Manchester


Adjunct Program Lead & Lecturer in Negotiation


Unit Lead - Mastering Deal Execution & Lecturer on Brand Valuation

Trinity College Dublin Business School


Student Leadership Program – Heart & Mind of the Negotiator Training Program


Business Growth

7Ps of


This program is based on practical and innovative methodologies for value driven deal-making.

We cover:

  • Principles

  • Planning

  • Power

  • Players

  • Performance

  • Putting it all to Bed

  • Pay-out or Post-mortem within it learning for the future


"We all enjoyed the session" VP HR Aviation Industry

"Thank you so much for coming to speak at our session. I really appreciate it!"

Kaitlyn Ka Hei Yan, PWC Ireland

"Good experience. I definitely recommend to everyone who works in sales. The session switched my mind from sales to closing a deal with a partner (with win-win relations)"

Diogo Pascoal - former Global Talent Acquisition - AIESEC in Ireland

"It was an impressive 2.5 hours, for me putting some critical structure around what we do naturally. That was time very well spent!"

Jessie Sampson marketing manager Vitro Software, Ireland

"Many thanks for the session this morning. It was really great, full of real insights and knowledge. I’m definitely committed to practicing and getting really good at closing deals."

Katherine Finnegan- SmartPA Partner, Ireland.

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