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The Irish Business Show w/Natasha Gillies

Wonderful to discuss my background, and work, in business and leadership growth recently with the wonderful Natasha Gillies on Dublin City FM.

Some highlights...

"What's driven me is the desire to make what seemed to be complex things in business a lot simpler, so there's a methodology to most things as there is in life, there's a lot of mysticism about business being complex, it’s not really that complex. Business is really about people and it's about leadership.

So what really motivates me is helping organizations grow, while also growing their people. That's really critical, that's just about everything I do."

"That time working for those multinationals, I saw a number of deals were blocked, and I saw some leadership issues and that really motivated me then to start looking at how organizations can really look at themselves."

"I wanted to see if there's a methodology for corporates, for companies to become better at getting business and closing deals. There's a whole lot of mystery about this. Some people call it sales, some people call it business development, growth, deal making, they’re all the same things. Every organization has to get deals and business. So I looked at that and I came up with this what's called a 7P methodology.

In addition, what was really important to me was, how can individuals within the businesses become better at closing deals themselves so developing their own career, and then being part of a structure in a culture in an organization for perpetual growth so that really drove it."

"When you're representing a company, you're sitting across the table, whether we like it or not there is a power equation. I'm not talking about negative power; I'm talking about using your power legitimately to get the best deal you can in an ethical sustainable way. It’s not about taking advantage. There are all sorts of tools and techniques you can use to do that, things like deal sheets, using agendas, how you use eye contact, body language, how you communicate."

"My motivation is to try and demystify this area for people within businesses, particularly those working in teams. We've looked at various sectors around professional services industries where individuals work more in deal teams, to try and provide a simplified methodology for them to continue to grow and make an impact in their business."

"On face value it gives you a methodology but it's once you open the book it's like the wardrobe in Narnia. Once you've opened the book and you see this methodology. It actually raises more questions than it answers, because it makes you think, it raises so many questions around business, it's all about people, it's all about communication interaction, honesty, transparency, connection networking, all those human skills."


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